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The recently published book "In search of the method that has neverexisted" by Hugo Mastrolorenzo will surely cause controversy in thetango world. The author questions and refutes through his technicaland historical studies the method by which tango dance has been taughtfor the last hundred years. Mastrolorenzo emphasizes what he sees ascontradictions in the present system of teaching tango.

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"Abrazos Books" after releasing translations of "La pista del Abrazo" byGustavo Benzecry Sabá and "Carlos Gavito, si Vida, su Tango" byMáximo Di Marco y Mónica Fumagalli and publishing "Tango, una DanzaInterior" by psychologist Ignacio Lavalle Cobois, have said that thedancer Hugo Mastrolorenzo's "Tango Dance, In Search of the method thathas never existed" a book in which he questions the system by whichtango dance has been taught up to present day, was one of the mostperceptive contributions to the subject of teaching tango.

TANGO DATA (Buenos Aires City Government’s Tango web site)

About the book

Tango-Dance. In search of the method that has never existed is an essay about the tango dance. The author of the book dares to ask a question and to refute it by searching the answer in not more or less than one hundred years old teaching system of the tango dance. In the essay the natural and fundamental preconditions of this dance face each other (choreographic ones and those of character), described by the precise technical terminology, profoundly analyzed and ratifying the following consideration: main knowledge that would have to obtain all lovers of this dance.

Then, a synthesis of the basic characteristics of the present teaching method and finally a critical analysis reveals the contradictions between both elements, the contradictions of the present teaching method. Later a historical research of these methods is exposed, from the origins until nowadays, put under the magnifier of a technical-dance study, in order to explain the reasons that have led it to this antagonistic state.

Today not only hundreds of teachers in Buenos Aires and in different parts of the world teach the tango dance following this contradictory method, but also institutions at the college and/or university level.

The essay draws out a great argument of the knowledge achieved on the basis of existing teaching systems. Even so the essay offers many answers, in fact it conceives the question: is it be clear that this it is not the suitable method; but which is the method that does not contradict with natural preconditions of the tango?

The present material invites to open the doors to a new teaching methodology of the tango dance, to a new era with an aim to encourage everybody to develop his or her mind, the sensations… the tango.

In a Search of the Method that Never Existed



He studied Sport Dance (in Argentinean Association of Sport Dancing and Dance, Argentinean Olympic Committee, International Sport Dance Federation), contemporary dance, dance theatre, tango dance, native percussion, zapateo (Argentinean folk tapping), theatre, singing, drawing and painting. Besides the seminars of improvement, he completed his studies in The National Ballet (certified by the Presidency of Argentinean Nation)

He has obtained more than 50 awards as a choreographer and performer in national dance contests. One of the most outstanding prizes is the first prize in the category of tango dance couple he won in La Plata national dance contest (1996). In year 1997 he won 4 first prizes, one second prize and a special recognition in the same championship, as a result being awarded the titles of the best delegation and the “Best performer in Dance”, having the president of jury - the judge of the Cosquín international dance festival.

At the age of sixteen he joined the “Uballet Argentino”, Buenos Aires University Dance company and at the age of eighteen started his international career by participating in the “Festival Mondial de folklore de Drumondville”, Canada, and performing in other cities of Canada, such as Chicoutimi, Quebec, Hearth Song and Toronto.

In Argentina he has been performing on different stages, such as Luna Park, National Theatre Cervantes, Lola Membrives Theatre, Theatre of President Alvear, Theatre Astral, Complex of Theatre La Plaza, Sheraton Hotel Buenos Aires, Society of Rural Argentina, Trilenium, Palacio San Souci and Palacio San Miguel, and others.

He has taken part in different projects and productions as a choreographer and performer of his own works, as well as of other authors - both nationally and internationally in North and South America, Europe and Asia. The most significant projects are: 3rd Latin American Cycle of Arts), in Spain, the International Fair of Tourism (FITUR)) in Madrid, Spain, co-project with Jaime Torres in the Circle of Fine Arts of Madrid; the International Festival “Veranos de la Villa 2002” at the central court of Conde Duque, co-project with Bolshoy Ballet company from Moscow, Theatre Negro from Prague and solists from Ukraine National Ballet company. He paid tribute to Osvaldo Pugliese together with Sexteto Tango and Beba Pugliese. In addition, he has participated as invited artist in the show “The Power of the Dance”, at the Theatre Calderón of Madrid, Spain, and performed in various special Galas in Salon Real of Hotel RITZ.
He has taken part as invited dance couple at the end of the Tango Mundial World Championship in Tokyo, Japan where he has performed his choreographic works and led workshops. The same work he has done in Italy (Rome, Milan and Como) having ended his tour in the social theatre of Coro. He has taken part in the exhibition tour of Korea World Tango festival and Sport Dance Championship 2008 in various cities of Korea.

He has made various choreographic works for cinema and TV productions in Europe for the following movies: “Deseo” with Leonardo Sbaraglia, Cecilia Roth and Leonor Watling (Spain). “Tangos Robados”, directed by Eduardo de Gregorio (co-production France – Spain). “Noviembre”. Historical choreographic staging (Minueto), directed by Achero Mañas (Spain). “Bastardos del tango”, directed by José Pérez. Choreography and special acting. And for the following TV productions: “Telecinco” (Madrid), “Globomedia” and “Grupo Arbol” in the choreographic projects for Unitarians of the mentioned producers.

After having established various choreographic research companies and groups both in Argentina and abroad, he has developed a new system of teaching tango dance. The methodology starts from the analysis of the beginning of dance and appears as a consequence of the research made in the historical field and the technical system of dance. In addition, a nomenclature and the system of notation of this dance are made. The methodology that is published here is supported by the Tourism Office and the Embassy of the Republic of Argentina in Spain (where he has been working and developing the mentioned material during the last years). At present, in addition to sharing his research both nationally and internationally, he is preparing the presentation of his second book “El Metodo”(The Method) at the same time working on the third material about the origins of the tango dance.



begun her professional career as a folklore dancer in 1995 and has received the Bachelor Degree in Arts from the Culture Academy of Latvia, later on the Master Degree in Dance from the Theatre Academy of Finland. Besides the academic studies she has improved her skills in various dance techniques at different Master Class programs and residencies (Dance Web Vienna, University of Dance, Baltic New dance and others) such as jazz and tap dance, aerial dance, tango and flamenco dance besides piano and singing and acting studies. She completed her Master studies with thesis “Dialogues in Dance” and choreographic work for one dancer and a tango singer called “Story from the Lullaby”, which later on was presented on different international scenes.

She has obtained grants and awards as a dancer, choreographer and researcher from Soros Foundation, Latvian Culture Capital Foundation, and Nordic Council of Ministers Foundation etc.

She has taken part in different projects and productions as a choreographer and performer of her own works, as well as of other authors - both nationally and internationally. Among the most significant works, working as a choreographer: Pido Quiero Necestio, Story From The Lullaby, Tete a Tete with Myself, Rebound; working as a performer: 10y10danza –Spain, Kekäläinen &Company – Finland, physical aerial theatre company “Fura Dels Baus” (Spain), contemporary dance company of Olga Zitluhina - Latvia, Latvian National Opera, co-productions and short term collaborations with David Zambrano, Bettina Holzhausen, Nicole Caccivio, Benno Voorham, Jill Clark, Paula Tuovinen besides the commercial productions with the rock group “Modern Talking”, musical “Faust Deus Ex Machina” and various aerial presentations and shows.

During the year 2008 she led the research group developing together with Daniel Conde and Tomas James the new theatrical language based on the original tango dance movement and supported by corresponding aerial technique and industrial technologies.

In present she is working as freelance dancer, aerial actress, choreographer and teacher based in Buenos Aires, collaborating with such producers as “Cuerda producciones” and “Puerto K” among others and continuing her research work exploring physical movement dialogs based on lays of physics and human biomechanics between performers of different genders such as actors, dancers and circus artists.

She has been invited both nationally and internationally to lead:
dance technique workshops of different genders;
partnering workshops for creating dialogs between performing artists;
aerial techniques to add another dimension to the performed idea and/or the movement.

She is a translator of Hugo’s Mastrolorenzo book “En la busca del metodo que nunca fue”.
“I’m constantly looking for new challenges; thus was the translation of this essay and thus are my other projects: to find the non existent - believing in it until the point to become aware that it exists…. “